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Why My New Book on Brand Is for Leaders, Not Just Marketers


Nothing supercharges your business like a robust brand. 

Brand is what makes customers sit up, pay attention, and reach for their wallets. Brand should be every leader's North Star. It should guide all of the decisions that we make. It's not just a marketing thing. Brand is the North Star for everyone who shapes your business. If you think that brand is soft or squishy or unmeasurable, well, guess what: I'm here to change your mind.

My new book, Forging an Ironclad Brand, A Leader’s Guide, shows you why a well-forged brand is the linchpin for leaders to guide their business with intention and clarity and focus. Writing your brand strategy is about declaring your stance and then aligning to that stance. It's about saying to yourself, "I'm going to position my business instead of letting others position me." And when you do deliberately craft your brand strategy, it will become your competitive edge. It will fuel your business like a force multiplier.

Looking to improve your business through brand strategy?

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